Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adamsville, TN - 93 miles

It's not always easy to update this blog along the road, and not just
because of the lack of Internet access in many of our overnight spots.
As you might be able to imagine successive long mileage days tend to
where you out, and all you really feel like doing is sleeping.

The last couple of days have been pretty eventful, though, so they're
worth taking the time to tell y'all about them.

Two nights ago we were in Sewanee, being entertained by the Monteagle
Assembly, a sort of family Christian summer camp/retreat. Amazing
folks, and I was able to sit on on their 'twilight prayer' service.
The pastor talked about vocations, and, directing his talk towards us
riders, told us to find what "makes our heart sing".

The next night we were in Pulaski, where we were fortunate enough to
be invited to a barbecue at the mayor's house. Bike and Build has
plenty of ups and downs. Sometimes we sleep on the floor in an un-
airconditioned armory; sometimes we get the hook-up.

Today was one of the downs. Today was a 90 mile day, so we had two
lunches, today's first one was at about 9:30am, 35miles into the ride.
Shortly after that, I was descending a hill and drifted off the road
onto the grassy shoulder. I maintained my line for about a second
before losing control and flipping over. I picked myself up, a little
banged up, a couple of scrapes, bit not too much worse than that. My
bike was also a little banged up - the front wheel was bent pretty
badly out of shape. A couple of the other riders tried to true
(straighten) it, but w/I luck. I was able to switch out wheels with
the bike of the leader who was driving the van, so I was able to
finish the rest of the ride. It was a rough 60 miles.

On days like today, you fellow riders become more important than ever.
When the sun is beating down, when you ache all over, when the miles
feel like they're dragging and you know that you still have 50 left,
the person on the bike next to you is a godsend: to sing, to talk to,
to break the headwind and pull you for hours. And when the day is
over, a root beer float and a neck massage go a long way (thanks

My wheel is fubar; I might need a new one. Hopefully I can switch with
the van driver's bike for the next two days, and then hit up a bike
shop in Memphis.


Blogger Jonny Stahl said...

Wow, I am still awed by the fact that you are going the whole way across the country. Keep it up, I know you can make it!

June 14, 2008 3:26 AM  

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