Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good Deeds and Life Goals

I've been a little too brain dead to post anything the last couple of
days. We had our first century on Friday, followed up by a 90-miler on

Today's ride was memorable for two reasons. The first is that we rode
through a sudden rainstorm for a couple of miles, and after we passed
through it the skies opened up. Clear sky ahead and thunderstorms
behind. It was beautiful.

The second memorable thing about today was that I saved a kitten from
a tree. We were riding along one of the state roads in Arkansas, and
we saw a cat crossing the street. As we approached it ran off, and as
we passed we heard a mewing from the road side. We pulled over, and
Claire and I went to investigate. In one of the trees there was a
rustling; up above a kitten had climbed and wasn't come down. After
much effort (and an initial vain attempt to climb the tree) I was able
to coax the kitten down. I carried it to other side of the road (where
its mother was) and then we took off again.

Life goal number 56: rescue kitten from a tree. Status: completed.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Yay to saving kittens!!:)

June 23, 2008 11:19 AM  

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