Friday, June 6, 2008


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The last couple of days of riding we had were the toughest of the trip
so far. We essentially biked over and through the Appalachians and the
Smokies. We spent a night in Gatlinburg (a tourist trap of a town
whose economy must be built entirely on t-shirt shops), and we're now
in Maryville, Tennessee.

There have been a couple of build days since my last post: one in
Asheville, NC (note the picture of the sweet ramp we built) and one
(so far, there's another tomorrow) in Maryville.

Climbing through the mountains has been an interesting experience. The
other day we stopped and hiked a mile and a half to see a waterfall,
and the day before I stopped with my friend Claire mid-climb to step
in a babbling brook (the only type of brooks there are). That brook
probably saved my life - we were 11 miles into our second 15 mile
climb of the day, and it was 80 or 90 degrees out. Cooling off was
definitely a hood idea.

There was a bit of a scare that day as well. At the top of the second
climb (Newfpund Gap - the border b/a Tennessee and North Carolina) a
motorcyclist came up to us and said that one of our riders had taken a
nasty spill. The rider, Daven, had popped a tire on the descent and
spun out, narrowly missing getting hit by a car. He was badly scraped,
but otherwise fine. Claire, myself, and a rider named Dan Thomas sat
and kept him company while we waited for the support van to come pick
him up. While waiting we played the alphabet game. Here is what we
came up with:

I went to the store and I bought:
Apples, bananas, cherries, dancing shoes, elixir made by Cole, fudge
brownies, guava, Hatteras islands, ice, juice boxes, ketchup, lace
underwear, motion sickness medicine, nuts, Oreos, papaya, quilt, red
meat, succotash, Tennessee, underwater camera, very large rock, yak
skin coat, ...

And then the van showed up. 4 people - points to whoever guesses what
number I was in the order.


Blogger Dan said...

Hey Dan. I hope you're having a great time. I'm guessing you were the first player. But player 4 has some potential as well. Hopefully I'll see you soon.
-Dan O'Toole

June 10, 2008 4:33 PM  

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