Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where is THE little rock?

We're in Little Rock, Arkansas now, and in two days we will be completing our first century (100+ mile ride).

It would be a lie to say that not much has happened since my last post, but instead of trying to cover it all, I'll give what I remember in brief snippets. I'll first put forward a little disclaimer that I'm not really sure when much of this happened. Time has no meaning this days.

-The mayor of Pulaski, TN threw us a barbecue at his house. He did a cannonball into his pool to splash people relaxing beside it.

-We did a ride out of Sewanee, TN with members of the cycling team there.

-The Mississippi River is very large.

-I am developing a love/hate relationship with my CamelBak. On the one hand, it's huge (bigger than anyone else's) and becomes uncomfortable on long days. On the other hand, it holds my water and food, and keeps me from dying. I guess there's kind of a trade off.

-We have lunch at 9:30am. First lunch. Second lunch is often around 12 or 1. Ice cream is whenever we want.


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